Drinking alcohol during pregnancy


Drinking alcohol during pregnancy

Alcohol and pregnancy don’t mix.

There is no safe amount or safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy If you drink alcohol while you are pregnant, you are at risk of giving birth to a baby with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). FASD is a term that describes a range
of disabilities (physical, social, mental/emotional) that may affect people whose birth mothers drank alcohol while they were pregnant.

FASD may include problems with learning and/or behaviour,
doing math, thinking things through, learning from experience,
understanding the consequences of his or her actions and
remembering things. Your child could also have trouble in
social situations and getting along with others. People with
FASD may be small and their faces may look different.
Research shows that children born to mothers who drank
as little as one drink per day during pregnancy may have
behaviour and/or learning problems.

No one knows how much alcohol it takes to harm a developing baby

When you drink alcohol during pregnancy,
it rapidly reaches your baby through your bloodstream. The effect of alcohol on the developing baby can vary depending on the health of the pregnant woman and also the amount, pattern and timing of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.
Binge drinking (drinking a large amount of alcohol in a short amount of time) is especially bad for the developing baby


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What type of alcohol should I avoid?
Everything! Beer, wine, cocktails, coolers, hard liquors (such as whiskey, gin or vodka), liqueurs or even hard ciders all contain alcohol that can hurt your developing baby. There is no alcohol that is “safe” to drink when you are pregnant

Are there times during pregnancy when it is okay to have alcohol?

There is no known time during pregnancy when it has been determined that it is safe to drink alcohol.

How much drinking causes FASD?

No one knows for sure how much drinking causes FASD.
That means that there is no safe amount of alcohol you can drink while you are pregnant.

Can FASD be cured?

No. People have FASD for their entire life. They often require supports and services like special education, vocational programs, tutors and even lifelong care.

Can biological fathers cause FASD?

No. FASD can only be caused when a biological mother drinks alcohol while she is pregnant. However, it is known that women with partners who drink are more likely to
drink themselves during pregnancy. Future fathers can play a big role by supporting a woman’s choice not to drink when they are having a baby