Apple Cider Vinegar has a host of benefits


Apple Cider Vinegar has a host of benefits

Turns out the benefits of consuming apples don’t just stop at eating“an apple a
day”. The natural sugars found in apples also lend themselves as the perfect
candidates for fermentation, resulting in a byproduct (apple cider vinegar!) that has
endless benefits. Its power lies in its active compound: acetic acid.
Acetic acid is a potent antimicrobial that can be used to treat multiple types of
infection, a fantastic blood-sugar stabilizer, helping both diabetics and those who are
trying to lose weight, and a tonic for the cardiovascular system, by working to lower
blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Consuming even a tablespoon a day mixed in
water is a great way to start reaping these benefits.
When looking to purchase apple cider vinegar, look for one that’s organic, unfiltered,
and unpasteurized so that you’re getting the health benefits from the amino acids,
minerals, enzymes, and friendly bacteria!

For Fighting Infection

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Apple Cider Vinegar has two functions that make it a great fighter of infections. First,
it can stop bacteria and fungus from spreading (bacteriostatic), and second, it can
actually kill the existing pathogenic cells (bactericidal). It’s no wonder this powerful
vinegar has been used for centuries to treat all kinds of infections! Even today, apple
cider vinegar is commonly used to treat food products to ensure they’re safe from
dangerous bacteria like E. coli

                             Uses, Doses, and Methods

For Your Sinuses

Use apple cider vinegar regularly during cold and flu seasons to prevent catching a
sinus infection. Its ability to kill bacteria, act as an antiseptic, reduce inflammation,
and break up mucus will help avoid sleepless nights, stuffy noses, and distracting

For Preventing UTI’s

Drinking vinegar helps create a slightly acidic environment in your urine, so that
harmful bacteria can’t grow. In particular e.coli, the main bacteria that causes
cystitis. Essentially, you’ll become your own antibacterial agent, effectively
cleansing your urinary tract every time you “go”.

For Cleaning Cuts and Scrapes

Apple cider vinegar has been used to cleanse and treat wounds for generations!
The antibacterial vinegar will help you to heal faster and prevent infections

For Relieving and Healing a Sore Throat

Want to stop sore throats from getting worse? The germs that cause scratchy, sore
throats and coughing won’t thrive in an acidic environment.

For Better Smelling Breath

Nobody likes bad breath. Most chronic bad breath is caused by certain types of
bacteria that build up in your mouth. Instead of trying to mask halitosis with mints
and store-bought mouthwash, eliminate it at the source with apple cider vinegar!

Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Bath

This ACV foot bath not only treats (stinky) fungal infections, but helps to relax
muscles and soothe sore feet!


• 2 Cups apple cider vinegar
• ½ Cup Epsom salt
• ½ Gallon hot water (more Awarm than hot, really

What to do:                                                                                                                 1. Mix all 3 ingredients in a large bowl. Soak your feet in the foot bath until it gets
cold. Do this once a week!